Pretend Boyfriend (Suga BTS)

Pretend Boyfriend (Suga BTS)

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HEY THERE \(^o^)/

So I have ideas for Fan Fiction, this one is a Suga fan Fic.

It's a rich & snobby girl who can't seem to get rid of her ex boyfriend, he constantly begs for her to take him back since he knows she's still single. The bad boy of the school (Suga) who has hopes of forming a band with his guy friends, has no interest nor relationship with this girl but one day their two worlds become one when she asks him to be her boyfriend in exchange for money. When he declines she doubles the amount and it's an offer he can't refuse, he can buy equipment with that money to start his boy band going. Along the way problems occur.

In a school where the rich manipulate those around them with power and wealth what'll happen? 

So stay tuned for that fan fiction! I'm working in the plot still so be patient my A.R.M.Ys! Just wanted to share this bit of info on here so you can keep a look out for what's coming (; 

I also have a Rap Mon coming up so all you Rap Mon fanatics hang in...

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Jacee_xoxo Jacee_xoxo Oct 01
*facepalm* if you existed in real life I would smack your face
Illusiondxx Illusiondxx Aug 13
HOLY F. there are 6 girls which means...maybe...other bangtan boys will fall in love with these gurls 😂😂😄
He is my bias wrecker and his so damn!!!! ( HHHHOOOOTTTT ) CALL THE DOCTOR?!! OH OH M-MY HEARTEU
I can't understanding the language, maybe i'll translate it in Google translate 😅
                              SKATE IN SOME GOO
                              LOL SORRY (not rlly)
If i'm the only girl in the world, you can back with me *plak!