The Bad Boy Owes Me Food |ON HOLD|

The Bad Boy Owes Me Food |ON HOLD|

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Nutellasparty By MerciMeyo Updated Jun 15

Visualise this: You have a weird dream about a boy named Elijah R. Michaels, and you're surprised because you never really talk to a boy. Never mind a hot one.
But do you want to know what's special about this boy, this specific boy?

He said he'll give you food.

What if this dream was real?
What do you do when you find out?

One. Be sophisticated and do nothing about it.
Two. Hunt him down and his friends and force him to give you food.

You love food so much that you would choose 2. Hunt him down, wrap him in tin foil, prank all of his friends including him and punch him in the gut for giving your potatoful face a bruise...

Yes, all of that for food but... is that enough to get him to give you food? Or is it just a path to friendship or something more promising.. to love?

Join their adventures together and read the book. he he

Beautiful cover made by: ZealousZoey
Highest rank so far: #24 - ( 07.05.2018)

First few chapters need MAJOR editing, I'm only going to properly edit it when I completed the book :)

It's also a bit confusing. I'm cringing :/

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