For You | Jasper Hale ♡♥

For You | Jasper Hale ♡♥

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Irine Gimena ✅ By Anime130 Updated Mar 15

"I really do love you." His voice was etched with worry and such sincerity, speaking slowly as though those words could not have been more impacting to her.

She didn't look at him and instead stared ahead with the return of that familiar blank look on her stunning features, "I said I know." And she could not have been any more clearer.


Aviona Noire Knightley wanted to become a beautiful, blossoming flower, which gave joy and serenity to the people around her. But instead, as she grew up, she became a thorn bush, pricking those who try to get too close and hurting herself at the same time. She built these walls and different masks in order to protect herself, stayed low like how her mother had told her.

It all came crumbling down, her world breaking and then completing itself piece by piece, again and again, with the unwelcomed help of a certain blond boy who was full of surprises.

❇ Jasper Hale Romance

A/N: This is my first time writing a fanfiction for the Twilight saga. I've just recently become a TwiHeart, so I'm sorry if I have mistakes about the info. However, this is not my first Vampire story though that one is not exactly finished (I do not have a lot of completed stories; honestly, I just have two). I do hope you enjoy this one!

P.S. I haven't really read any other Twilight fanfictions, so if this resembles any other storyline or plots, then it is merely a coincidence.

Warning: There may be excessive use of foul language (profanities, expletives, curse words, etc.), and some mature and explicit scenes between the main characters, and gorey details that may not be suitable for a non-open-minded audience. Read at your own risk.

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