The Deal

The Deal

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Ever hated someone so much, that you actually wished them physical pain? Yeah, that's my life. I've lived next to the same person my entire life, and along with my brothers, he makes sure that every day of my life is a living hell. 

Pretending to be his girlfriend? That's another story.

Read as Carter Andrews and Riley Reynolds pretend until, they might realize that they don't want to pretend anymore.

♥ A cliche story of two childhood frienemies who fall in love ♥

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  • jealousy
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arilayy arilayy Jun 18, 2017
My dad, siblings and I all start with As' but my mum starts with a M. 
                              My dads is Andy (Andres), mines is Arianna (Ariella or Ari) my younger sister Anissa (Nissie) and my two younger brothers Andrew(Drew or AJ) and Abraham (Abe).
                              My moms name is Maria 😂
_abcdefghijklmno _abcdefghijklmno Jul 16, 2017
My mom and my siblings name start with J's 
                              Johanna - Me
                              Sisters: Justice, Jayla, Journi 
                              Brothers: Jordan, and Jaylen
                              Mom: Jatia
                              Jayla and Jaylen are twins
                              And So is Jordan and Journi 
                              Me and Justice was born alone 😭
kat3373 kat3373 Apr 13, 2017
The baby born last out of twins or triplets is actually the oldest because it was formed first
_skywalk3r_ _skywalk3r_ Feb 26, 2017
When ur a tomboy and ur the girl that can only do one😂😂
marthathgdiv marthathgdiv Dec 09, 2016
Just thought of the mum, in miranda, where she'll be like : "what i call...." 
                              and then miranda will just go: "everyone else calls it that too, mother."
artistic_intuition artistic_intuition Feb 26, 2017
My parents have R names and me and my sister both have L names