Burning Stars (BoyXboy) (Sequel to Falling Stars)✔

Burning Stars (BoyXboy) (Sequel to Falling Stars)✔

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Dante Cullen By XPerfectDistraction Completed

Book 2 of the 'stars' trilogy
[This is a sequel to my previous book, Falling stars. It's not necessary to read Falling Stars to understand this, but I will make a few references to it.]

Chris and Jake were never meant to be together. They are way too different. Yet they found a way to be together. High school is over and college is looming. They will be separated once more. Will their love be enough to overcome the distance? Will Chris's insecurities push Jake away? Will Jake go back to his old self?

And what happens when they find out secrets that threaten to blow their relationship into a thousand pieces? Can they survive a controlling dad, a psycho chick and society's beliefs? Is love really enough?  

The story never ended, it's only beginning.

SamyJo10 SamyJo10 Aug 20, 2016
Never was mine either, and still isn't, but it's fun to try once. Especially since he'd be out dancing and getting his flirt on with his boyfriend. But whatevs.
XPerfectDistraction XPerfectDistraction Jan 13, 2016
Aww, hope it wasn't that much of a confusion. I should number them. Sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed the whole trilogy either way.
ScarletDays ScarletDays Jan 11, 2016
That moment when I accidentaly skip this book and read Rising Stars...
MSamthebest MSamthebest Mar 29, 2014
love it ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
                              It's nice to see Jake's side and how much he loves Chris
MSamthebest MSamthebest Mar 27, 2014
YEAH A SEQUEL!!!!! XD I read the summery and I already know that I'm going to be in rage in sometime in the future and I can't wait!