My Mate Is The Werewolf Hunter (editing)

My Mate Is The Werewolf Hunter (editing)

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I am Kate Singleton. The Alpha's Daughter of the Silver Moon Pack. I was living the life of a Princess. Where everything was perfect, where Problems are solved in the most amazing ways ever. 

But then, it happened.

The invasion of the Werewolf Hunters destroyed that wonderful life. It was during that time when everything was taken away from me.

My father, my Pack..myself.

Yet, when I thought that all things have finally come down to its doom, that's when He came. 

Falling in love to his intoxicating scent, his wonderful eyes and perfect ambiance, I ignored the dangers coming to me.

Because during that day that I thought I've lost everything, I found the only person that means everything to me.

  • action
  • drama
  • happiness
  • love
  • sacrifice

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