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7 Minutes In Heaven

7 Minutes In Heaven

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Faye By Welcome_tomyworld Completed

The bottle landed on me, butterflies shot up and down my stomach. I was going to be in a cloest for a full 7 minutes with the one and only; Jake Hefferson. The school's quaterback and heart throb. We were like the worst mix, I was a straight A student and he was just the jock of the school. The only reason I was at this party was because it was my best friend; Molly's boy friends party. It took her for ever trying to convience me too come, and now I really do regret it. Jake was hot an all but he had the worst personality ever, he had a new girl wrapped around his arm everyday, and they don't seem to realise he only wants to get in their pants. 
'Great' He muttered.
Way to make a girl feel like utter crap Jake, well that's what he was used to doing anyway. I sighed at the thought of sharing air with this boy with an IQ of a tortoise. He got up and walked towards the closet, I followed in and shut the door, his eyes then locked onto mine.

Dude he literally just kissed u and it talking about a forming relationship??
Hes a jerk faced a$$. Like wtf the girl u just made out with is LEGIT RIGHT BESIDE YOU U DUMD A**
Thats what some boys in my class say. They always try to get me to talk.😂
__Mimaa__ __Mimaa__ Feb 26
Top cheerleaders can be the nicest people and "quiet nerdy girls" can be the bitchest people alive. It's kinda annoying that most books of Wattpad are so stereotypical like that.
__Mimaa__ __Mimaa__ Feb 26
He legit asked for a kiss. They're not getting married. Everyone in this book needs to chill
__Mimaa__ __Mimaa__ Feb 26
Urmm what? You were going to willingly have sex with him even though he forced it upon you. You weren't used. You were being stupid.