the dollhouse | h.s.

the dollhouse | h.s.

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Everyone is mad. Everyone is insane; slowly falling off the deep edges of their own psychotically twisted minds.

Harry Styles and Holly Parker just seem to fall even deeper.
[highest ranking: fanfiction #1]

WARNING: This book contains frequent swearing, suicide, death, murder, sex, drugs, abuse and torture. Read at your own risk.

Which I'm very happy about. I hate when it's like boy meet girl but we can't even get to know girl before boy pops in. Like ya know
*Screams in spongebob Voice* I'M READY I'M READY I'M READY I'M READY RIGHT PATRICK?!?!??! * Patrick voice * Uhhh Tea?!!?!?!?
NelanieNartinez NelanieNartinez 2 days ago
Deck the halls with jfkd of holly LAlalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalala
I've been trying to find a crazy psychopathic book for so long and now I found it and I'm really happy