The Billionaire Couple ( SLOW UPDATES )

The Billionaire Couple ( SLOW UPDATES )

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' No, you can't do this to me ' I said 

' Why not baby, this is called business ' the man , in front of me in his black suit, said 

' No. .no. .no.. ' I sat down on my knees with fear of losing my work I made and raised... 

' Baby, don't hurt yourself, just sign those papers ' 

' I will not ' I shouted 

' Bad... you will be responsible for consequences.. It's a warning ' 

' You can't do this... you involved my brother too in yours filthy plan... and you even didn't leave my friend too... how can you do this... ' 

' As I said its called a business darling' 

' Stop calling me with those names... I can't believe it... you married me just for that... ' 

' Yes I did, because I was always the 1st in top 10 list of business tycoons but from last 2 years , I am at 2nd position, just because of you and I won't regret doing this to make you down and get my position back. ' 

' What have I done to you that you are punishing me this way ' 

' You know what, a girl is only made to be under a man, so be under me, your husband ' he said walking towards table, grabbing those papers and a pen and came in front of me... Anger was rising in me... I hit his hard chest with my soft hands to stop him move closer to me... but it didn't work out. ..He came more close to hands still on his chest.. His breath was felt by me near my right ear , and he whispered... 

' Just sign these damn papers ' he made me grab the pen and I being crying, losing the work I gained from my hardwork , from my past experiences... is going to destroy.. my dream which I made come true is going to be a dream again... tears falling down from my eyes. ...I signed the papers wherever he said making my heart broke down and soon a black atmosphere surrounded me....