Mr. Who ? (Completed)

Mr. Who ? (Completed)

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Tsuwana By Tsuwana Completed

What if everything happens in your life suddenly turns out a history that you would want to forget....

Forget the hurt

Forget the pain

Forget the memories

Even to 

Forget the 

Reason of this Pain.....

The person 

that still want to

Come back

In your life 

No matter how hard you 

forget him.

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lazybluewriter lazybluewriter Apr 22, 2014
hey! always remember that a writer starts with 0 read. I mean don't give up and keep writing good stories. :) Keep it up!
micherie67 micherie67 Mar 27, 2014
i think u have to put a description in ur story to grab the readers attention and tell them what this story is all about... keep them interested enough to hook them in ur work... just a simple advice...
micherie67 micherie67 Mar 27, 2014
iisa lng ang MERALCO... i think wat u mean is light posts or street lamps... ^____^