Magcon Boys [✔️]

Magcon Boys [✔️]

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Skylar Young. She's a Youtuber and Viner with the famous Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa, and etc. 

What happens when true feelings come out. Maybe from more than one guy. 

Will jealousy erupt? Are friendships crushed?

Find out in Magcon Boys.

***I'm actually rewriting this book to be more descriptive and come to an end smoother***

mimono63 mimono63 Mar 08
again... U AINT HER MAMA!!! or r u 😑😑😑*backs away slowly*
-jolinsky- -jolinsky- Feb 20
This is kinda awk for me bc I'm imaging skylar as a older version of Skylynn
mimono63 mimono63 Mar 08
Omg hahah with teenage boys these days there r no promises to that lol
So your going to punch your  best friend because of a girl. Really Cam ?! Advice for anybody reading this never let anything get I'm between you and your best friend 😸