If It Weren't For Him (BoyxBoy)

If It Weren't For Him (BoyxBoy)

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Jena By BlazeBlue96 Updated Aug 08, 2016

Will Nixon used to be Mr. Popular at his old high school, until his biggest secret was revealed one fateful night and he turned into the schools number one target. To escape all the pain and torture he was put through after that night, he tries to take his life. 

Unfortunately for Will, he survives.

Due to that he now has to move to America with his father and start a whole new life there, except, he's never going to be the same. Will isn't who he used to be, now he's quiet and tries to stay invisible. He doesn't want the attention of the student body. He doesn't want anyone to find out his secret ever again and go through what he went through at his last high school.

However, it doesn't seem like he'll have a choice when the Mr. Popular at the new school he attends sets his sights on Will. Now Will will be forced to make one of two choices: stay the broken self he is, or move on and embrace a life with Mr. Popular, A.K.A Tony Mendez.

But things can never be that simple can it. There's always that factor that want to ruin everything. And that factor comes in the form of Tony's best friend who's been itching to get with Tony long before Will arrived.

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I've honestly said the last part before and it was straight to someone's face
Does it really matter if he's gay or not?? God you people aren't even true friends. This is not even a friendship
jessie_tolliver jessie_tolliver Nov 02, 2016
SolsticeNua SolsticeNua Aug 15, 2016
Well, if his arrogance to date means anything, then yes!! A lot more 'cocky'!!
SolsticeNua SolsticeNua Oct 12, 2016
A lot going on so soon, some of this would have more sense, more impact if 'introduced' gradually to the reader, over time. You are asking peeps to run, when they should be walking with the character.
SolsticeNua SolsticeNua Aug 15, 2016
Chillun!! Plz! Can't y'all jes calm da f*!k down!! Read on - see what occurs...........
                              Thank Grud this ain't the Meg!! Iso-Cubes all round for these Juves!!