The Makers

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Nathaniel♡ By NathanielStanley Updated 3 years ago
❝wattpad's guide in cover design❞
I definitely agree. Although each chapter in The Twilight Saga Series is predictable or cliché, the reason why I kept on reading was to find out why the covers are like that through reading the story.
(I'm that one betch who's going to say the old cover was better)
                                    But alas! You updated. I can't exactly comment much on this chapter but yuhoo hello second chapter
are you going to update or not? I'm really looking forward to this... :)
wait.... what happened? every chapter I check, it states that it's 'under editing', is it only happened on my computer??
This is really, really interesting, but the grammar could be edited.
@NathanielS What photo editor do you use when you're editing photos?