Best WEREWOLF STORIES ever!!!!!!

Best WEREWOLF STORIES ever!!!!!!

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Kanuri_Kuran17 By Kanuri_Kuran17 Updated Mar 10, 2015

I've personally read all of them, so please check out because it's totally worth it. I love them all!!!!!! So far, they are the bestesssssss!!!!!!!!!

Don't be afraid to leave comments.

To the authors of the stories i've mentioned, please don't be mad. I have no bad intention in doing this, I just want other readers to know what I consider "THE BEST".  I just want them to read your stories and know how good you are. If you have any concerns please message me.

Do you want your werewolf story to be included in my list? Just say the magic word.........

Thank you! And please VOTE for me!!!!!!!



If you dedicate the story to the author then other may find the story easier - just a suggestion 😉
One of my favorite werewolf story, this is one of my first werewolf stories I've ever read! And it's absolutely amazing
Hi. Thank you for thinking thatbmy story is one of the best. I really appreciate it. I accidentally saw this post. I was surprise to see my story here. :)
                              To all who wants to read this, please check my profile. @Elle_Jacinto. Sorry I changed my username that's why u can't find me.
this is pretty cool. 🤗 if i can suggest one its called blood moon falls. i just finished it. i thoufht it was good. one of my favorites now
VeraJune VeraJune Nov 24
I was unable to find this story and author. Did names get changed??
brebre207 brebre207 Jul 18, 2015
could you please add my werewolf story " the gifted and the Rejected" to your list I'd really appreciate it. thank you