Best WEREWOLF STORIES ever!!!!!!

Best WEREWOLF STORIES ever!!!!!!

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BulletBB By BulletBB Updated Mar 10, 2015

The stories included in this compilation were chosen specifically because of a tremendous degree of awesomeness. I've personally read all of them and I swear it's worthy of your precious time. So just take time to browse and discover each wonderful plots. 

To the authors: 

I hope you've appreciated my effort to tell the world how grateful I am to be able to read and drown myself to your so creative creations.

To those who wants to have their stories included on my list, just pm me. 

Have a great time readers!! Thank you! And please don't forget to VOTE for the stories you like on my list.



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arigirl300 arigirl300 Oct 24, 2017
You should read "my arrogant, overprotective mate", I just finished it, it's great, but my all time favorite werewolf book EVER is " My broken luna"
trinkrazo trinkrazo May 25, 2017
                              5/10 Plot is OK, the storyline is stiff, grammar and spelling need work, characters are stiff.    This one feels as if I'm reading a math problem.
netflixandkyle netflixandkyle Mar 15, 2017
Save me alpha is SOOOO GOOD I've read it millions of times please read it it's so so so good
FriendsIsEverything FriendsIsEverything Mar 07, 2016
If you dedicate the story to the author then other may find the story easier - just a suggestion 😉
lovelykayla_26 lovelykayla_26 Apr 21, 2016
One of my favorite werewolf story, this is one of my first werewolf stories I've ever read! And it's absolutely amazing
carolwonder carolwonder Jan 04, 2017
You should read Unconditionally - The Beginning of the Revelation. It's by far the BEST written werewolf story I've  ever read... The chapters are like 7000+ words and very well written. The plot is INCREDIBLE!!!