My Sexy Boss || LH

My Sexy Boss || LH

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Meet Luke Hemmings

Just been hired by the sexiest and prettiest girl alive as her secretary and personal assistant. What if he falls in love with her emotionless boss? What will be his reaction when he met his boss?  What if he knows about her past, will he help her?

Meet Justine Irwin

 Known as the sexiest and prettiest girl alive. Owns the best and successful fashion business called 'VOUGE'. Emotionless because she always put her business first and because of her and ex-husband's past. What will happen if she starts having feelings? What if everything comes back together? Will Luke change her whole life?

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robynlheavey robynlheavey May 29, 2016
This reminds me of the film devil wears Prada so much 😂😂😂
pepsi_tacos pepsi_tacos Nov 16, 2016
This story remimds of the movie, "The Devil wears Prada" so much.
anabel_is_a_penguin anabel_is_a_penguin Sep 20, 2015
Hehehe Luke baaaae your so awkward *see me walking in and throwing justine out the window* now let's get to real business will you marry me
goldundays goldundays Aug 28, 2015
The missing full stops are driving me insane I'm rlly sorry I don't wanna cause offence
annalyzed_ annalyzed_ May 03, 2015
The first time I read that I thought it said flies and I was like TF?¿
5sos_1D_2000_ 5sos_1D_2000_ May 02, 2015
sweetie ever heard of manners.... yeah might wanna get some just saying