BED... NOW! (BoyxBoy)

BED... NOW! (BoyxBoy)

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Life in New York as we know it. Its always a battlefield with full of opportunities and hot guys. The young newbie teenage sort-of a guy named Adrian, stumble in the street meeting a god-like looking man. And it all started, all the ups and downs and the crazy twisting twists. But it all stopped in just two words. BED. NOW. 

Adrian is what you call the sweet-innocent-stupid-coward-cute-adorable-looking-guy who doesn't know how life in New York works. It just happened that he thought he might make some money there with his knowledge in writing to give enough money to help his family. The 21 year old boy was always staring into nothing and is always inattentive and is always getting fooled around because of his cuteness with stupidity. They say its too young for him because he acts like a baby. But who knows? Maybe someone will change him. Someone like his boss...

NOTE: Old story here! Can be a little cringing but I don't have plans on editing it yet. Feel free to read it. I'm no selfish teehee. :P

*facepalms* Dude, I bet even a 3 year old would know that he's playing you!
XxCerexX XxCerexX Jul 31
I love how Adrian admires guys the same way I do 😂😂😂
pampom123 pampom123 Jul 29
Wish "Adrian" was a girl this story won't know.... Awkward 😢😢
I'll be more than happy if my mom sent me to New York and gave me a hottie for a roommate!
You all will bow down to our savior Satan, the all powerful Satan. 
                              P.s: Satan is my father
awesomkatpie awesomkatpie 5 days ago
Like really doe 10 dollars for a coupon that can take anywhere ... lol