Dating The Bad Boy { EDITING }

Dating The Bad Boy { EDITING }

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janelle ♡ By janellexashley Updated Jul 02, 2015

"Why me? There are tons of other girls prettier and better than me.. Why did you choose me?" I asked, looking into his eyes. 

"Because you're different than those girls.. I like different." He smirked at me. 

Meet Christi Matthews. Her family was moved to California when her dad got a better job opportunity. Moving away from the people she grew up with was hard. Now she had to start a new life in California. She wanted her new California life to be just like her New York life....until he came along. 

Meet Daniel Ivy. He was the typical bad boy at Northwood High. Skipped classes, had tattoos, along with a few piercings here and there. He always thought it was fun to mess with the girls at his school, considering he was very good looking and girls practically threw themselves at him. 

What happens when Daniel decides to cross paths with Christi? Drama, secrets, love, and more will be revealed as Christi and Daniel's journey together unfolds.


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-spiderboy -spiderboy Apr 24, 2017
omg that's exactly how our schedules be looking like.. FINALLY A WATTPADER WHO HAS REAL LIFE THINGS IN THEIR BOOK
_ThatOneKat_777_ _ThatOneKat_777_ Oct 02, 2016
Lucky I have gym 4th but I have lunch 6th         *I go to a 9 period school*
Jana_BA Jana_BA Sep 19, 2016
We have 30 min for lunch ! That's not fair , in my school it half the breaks ! 😔
thatgirljk thatgirljk Aug 29, 2016
OMG I live in Britain and its so different
                              Firstly, 5 lessons a day. All five are 1 hour. We have 2 different weeks. All five days are different lessons and don't change for each day. So Monday 1 week one will stay the same until the next year and so on. Idk if I'm bad at explaining but yeah...
PercabethOTPlove PercabethOTPlove Aug 10, 2016
I hate stereotype cheerleaders, it ruins it for the rest of us
AliceTheUnicorn1 AliceTheUnicorn1 Sep 19, 2016
Am I the only one that instantly thought of Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber