Pearl and Pale: The Mermaids

Pearl and Pale: The Mermaids

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This is a mermaid story. Don't judge. 

Pale is a normal 14 year old girl until one day she finds herself craving for water. Not to drink it, but to swim in it. Pale has never loved swimming or the beach, I mean yeah she would do it, but this change in attitude scares her. It not until a matter of time until she goes into the ocean and finds herself a mermaid. 

14 year old Pearl has been a mermaid for her whole life. She has always lived with her mom and older sister. But one day, during a big storm, Pearl gets separated from her mother and older sister, and Pearl finds herself closer to the human world.  

It's not until a matter of time until these two mermaids meet and become friends. But when Pale gives Pearl a taste of a surfing competition at the human world, Pale discovers the truth that she is missing and people are preparing a reward for the people who find her.


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"Her sea green eyes were wide."
                              Me: *immediately thinks of Percy*
Her mother didn't seem too concerned, so I wonder if she knows something.
Losver_Mileven Losver_Mileven Jul 21, 2016
Was I the only one saying that in a SpongeBob voice??😂😂😂😂😂
Gabi_Weston Gabi_Weston Nov 28, 2015
I try so hard, I shave them each day and you still call them ugly, wow how rude
ttyl-gtg-brb ttyl-gtg-brb Nov 08, 2015
Oh gosh I've read this several times and I know what happened and I'm like poor pale