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Infected → The Walking Dead

Infected → The Walking Dead

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—xoxo, haley By queenhales Completed

Infected. Bitten. Turned.

It is as simple as that to become a monstrous, flesh-eating walker.

Destruction to the world as it is now the beginning of the horrendous Apocalypse.

Nadia was just a simple, independent girl who was just starting her dream as a psychologist. Smart and down-to-earth. Cunning and reckless. Mysterious and alone. She had been taking care of herself her entire life, depending on no one. That is until the outbreak when she must learn to not only survive, but trust others and depend on their help for her own life.

Wondering how to live while there are walkers everywhere, she joins a group in high hopes of surviving the Apocalypse and not becoming Infected.

boobooaddison boobooaddison Jul 08, 2016
My friends and I have a thing where we say smae instead of same
yoitswinter yoitswinter Feb 14
Bruh, no. You crazy for thinking it's a "little mark." Big ass gash across your arm or wherever it was.😭😂
boobooaddison boobooaddison Jul 08, 2016
I love how this is one of the rare stories that start from the beginning
boobooaddison boobooaddison Jul 08, 2016
Omg I love Scarlett johanson she is one of my 3 fav actresses
kendalalana kendalalana Jun 19, 2015
this was a really good first chapter. you're very descriptive and I'm all about description. xD
Brooklyn__kay Brooklyn__kay Jun 10, 2015
That's the people your mom told you not to get in cars with or take candy from