No Perfect Plan

No Perfect Plan

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You know, I seem to be reeeaaally good at wrighting death fics... I mean, I've killed off Zero, and this (nameless) child in this story :3 I'm useless -_-||| For a school project peoples!


I am running. There are explosions behind me. My parents are dead. There is no place for me to return to. Blood drips down my sleeve from a large gash on my forearm. My whole body hurts, but I cannot stop. There are people behind me. People who want me dead. Loud gunshots ring behind me, I tighten my grip around my dagger. I am scared. The horror of these events will never leave me.

I run faster, and the Japanese shout. "Tomare! Ima tomare! [Stop! Stop right now!]" 

I can't understand them, but I have a vague idea of what they are saying. I pick up my speed, panting hard. The cut on my arm aches, and more blood drips out. It is red, like a rose. I duck into an alleyway and hopefully, they do not see me. I walk down the alleyway, an...

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