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Illegal Love (Jalex)

Illegal Love (Jalex)

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Squishy Barakat By RaisedByMusicc Completed

Alex is your typical high school student. Somethings changes when his family gets a new neighbor. Jack Barakat and his boyfriend move next door, and Alex gets a little too comfortable with their new neighbor.  [Warnings: age difference,  smut]

Ofgaysandbands Ofgaysandbands Apr 24, 2016
My neighbors are moving out and I'm hoping a girl moves in and we can have one of these cliché neighbor romances :3
ThinkingWayTooMuch ThinkingWayTooMuch Jul 20, 2016
Hun, why don't you go complain to that talking snake, or better yet...Even God herself, because she totally didn't kill everything on this planet in a flood, & because I'm sure she'd be happy to hear about your privileged white person opinion, because she's SO nice & understanding :)
BaltimoreBlondie BaltimoreBlondie Oct 14, 2015
yeah and the bible says "not to cut the hair at the sides of your head" no haircuts, how about that sweetheart?
                              exactly why I'm an atheist
1DOS1976 1DOS1976 Sep 03, 2015
But the dick goes in the àss.  So they do match up.  If anything women spent match up BC the only thing going in anywhere would be their fingers. 
                              Btw I'm not against lesbians lol I'm pan.  I was just joking around
suckmyviclikekellin suckmyviclikekellin May 16, 2015
I literally spit out my cereal at "sucks that he sucks dick"
katelyntidwell katelyntidwell Feb 03, 2015
The way I see it is let the person decide. In the bible it says in the end you answer for your sins. It also says only God can judge. But a lot of times religious people only tend to remember that when it applies to them.