ADDICTED ( haylor ).

ADDICTED ( haylor ).

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harry and taylor have been married for 14 years now , they met in college and fell in love with eachother , a year after they got married they had a little girl named ella , 2 years later they had a boy named dylan , but then things started to happen and harry started to change, he became addicted to alcohole .

he started coming home very late and drunk , he distanced himself from taylor and the kids , taylor waits for him every night afraid that something might happen to him , but once he came home and when taylor got mad at him for drinking so much he hit her , and then forced her to sleep with him . and in nine months they had a girl named lux , even though taylor didn't plan to have a baby again she still loved her daughter .

things are gonne get much worse , so will taylor leave harry and start a new life or will she stay and wish for him to change and become the man she loved and married ? .

    narciss1991 narciss1991 Aug 09, 2015
    hi. im Narciss. im iranian and i love this story. can i translate it to persian so other iranians can enjoy this perfect story just like i did?
    CCabello999 CCabello999 May 21, 2015
    I LIKE IT. BUT i think Ella is too old . so whats thr the age of taylor and harry right now?  
    PizzaEatingPhanTrash PizzaEatingPhanTrash Feb 14, 2015
    My names Ella, my best guy friends name is Dylan and im obssessed wif Tay Tay
    ollielolly ollielolly Feb 07, 2015
    I think if this story gets well editing; it's gonna be amazing.
    taylorworldwide taylorworldwide Jan 17, 2015
    ʏօʊ ʝʊst ռɛɛɖ a քʀɛɖɨċt. օռ ʏօʊʀ ҡɛʏɮօaʀɖ sօ ʏօʊ ɖօռ't ɢɛt աʀօռɢ sքɛʟʟɨռɢs, ɖaʀʟɨռɢ
    With_love_rimi With_love_rimi Jan 07, 2015
    suggestion: You go though and correct the typing mistakes :)