The Mafia and his Nerd

The Mafia and his Nerd

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"Why are you doing this ?" I asked.

He walked towards me and I kept stepping backwards and stopped when my back hit the wall. He placed his two hands on either side of the wall as if trying to cage me in his arms. His face just millimetres apart from my face. He glanced at my lips and then looked back at me into my eyes. Then he leaned in towards my ear. I could feel his hot breath on my neck that increased my own breaths. He whispered in his spectacularly seductive voice...

"Things have just started tesoro. You haven't seen any of it . You will do exactly what I said." He pulled away from me and flashed his signature smirk.

Then he kept walking until he glanced back and said...

"Fino alla prossima volta, amore"

He walked away from me leaving all my emotions puzzled. I stood and kept staring at the door asking myself only one question 

"What is he doing to me?"

Stay tuned for more details 😘😘😘

Cover by: @DecentTrouble