Kryptonite (Klaine Fanfic)

Kryptonite (Klaine Fanfic)

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Blaine P.O.V

Maths first lesson of the day in a new class and a new school. I had been dreading it for ages transferring from Dalton. I walked and stood at the back of the class just following everyone else.

"Right Blaine?" the teacher asked. I took a deep and shaky breath moving through everyone so I could be seen.

"Right your here next to Kurt please" he smiled pointing to a boy who smiled politely.

Kurt P.O.V

"Right your here next to Kurt please" Mr Shue said pointing at me. Well done Mr Shue, thank you. I watched as the boy looking nervous as ever began to walk over to me. I smiled politely as he sat. He doesn't seem that bad.

"Hi I'm Kurt" I smiled.

"Hi I'm Blaine" he said quietly looking down

"Are you okay?" I asked noticing him shuffle about in his seat.

"Yeah just nervous" he admitted

"Well don't be you can always talk to me" I smiled watching a smile creep on his face.

"Thank you" he smiled

"Your welcome" I said looking down at my open book.

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tazforlife tazforlife Sep 17, 2016
you spelled dalton wrong. It's not "Dolton" it's "Dalton" :)