sasunaru | mute (EDITING SOON)

sasunaru | mute (EDITING SOON)

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Sasuke was always bored at school, the fangirls, the work. Pretty much everything. Until he bumps into an adorable blonde guy, not only one, but TWICE. Now, he has to deal with his feelings with the blonde boy.....

One problem, blondie is a mute.

Warning: Sexual actions.

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Annoyment.... and honey 1.5 pages is like nothing! I'm a freshman and I know that!
I'm thinking of the blond girl in pink overalls from Matilda who was thrown over a fence for having pigtail
Kari_Miyamoto Kari_Miyamoto Mar 03, 2016
Cant mute be caused because of a horriable tramma that happened in your life isnt i usally like taken away or something wow i confused myself now
shiro1sora shiro1sora Dec 28, 2015
Most times the goal would be 1½ pages. I usually do twice as much, and then complain about how much of a pain in the àss it was.