Our Cinderella Story (PERCABETH)

Our Cinderella Story (PERCABETH)

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Twyla & Spectra By RedGarnetTwins Updated May 12, 2017

This is the story of Annabeth, a teenage girl who lived with her Stepmother and Two stepsisters in her father's cottage, who passed away.
They harrased her to no extent, except for the older stepsister, who wasn't anything like her Mother and Sister.
Her life takes a turn when she meets Percy, her future best friend.

Just a normal girl, full of Royal dreams.
What happens when she gets a choice that changes her life?
Will her life be changed for better or for worse?

To find out, join me as I narrate her journey through these times

Oh! As for me, I'm your narrator, let's just say I'll tell you who I am later.


Hey there! This is our First Book
Hope you guys like it though
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All characters belong to Rick Riordan,
Just the story of this book is ours.



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alisa1245 alisa1245 Dec 29, 2017
friend, yeah right. More like she earned her crush, or boyfriend or husband
save_my_ass save_my_ass Dec 25, 2015
This must be before he quit. And since this is PJO. You could say amazhang. Not a hate. Just saying
secrectyoutuber secrectyoutuber Jun 05, 2015
it makes so much sense (and no that was not sarcasm I'm being serious
RedGarnetTwins RedGarnetTwins May 24, 2014
@1lovedivergent thank u
                              we r trying to update soon from now;)
RedGarnetTwins RedGarnetTwins Apr 08, 2014
do you know someone who can make an awesome cover for my story??
Death1Hell2 Death1Hell2 Apr 07, 2014
write more this is sad, true, awesome and if anyone tries to kill you my name is Death1Hell2 for a reason!