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Flaming Truths [#3]

Flaming Truths [#3]

96.2K Reads 4.3K Votes 14 Part Story
Mrs. Malfoy ♛ By Slytherinwitch13 Completed

Things heat up as Carlie heads back to Hogwarts for her third year. With news of a legendary competition, the Triwizard Tournament, returning to Hogwarts, she has to sit and watch a friend compete in a deathly competition. Yet rumors of dark forces are rising and Carlie grows suspicious of her own family. Now that she believes she has feelings for Draco Malfoy, will she allow herself to act on them or push them aside? Third year brings many truths that Carlie never wished to learn.

XxNewtellaxXXXXX XxNewtellaxXXXXX Sep 01, 2016
But I think that her dad is a death eater I mean it kinda explains it
TeelaRaegan TeelaRaegan Jul 09, 2016
Me as a parent:
                              "Shut up,  I'm reading Harry Potter and Fanfictions."
TeelaRaegan TeelaRaegan Jul 09, 2016
My tent: Christmas lights,  Ireland Flags,  pink flamingos,  REAL palm trees,  cats,  smoke machine,  disco ball,  8ft pool,  Christmas tree,  random cauldrons,  flying socks,  swimming brooms,  and gliding mushrooms.
punk_anarchy punk_anarchy Jul 24, 2016
Hey! That's my name! I'm pretty impressed to see this, I've only ever met one other maeve when I was three. It is an Irish name so nice one. I'm not sure why I'm a Maeve though. My family has Scottish heritage
TeelaRaegan TeelaRaegan Jul 09, 2016
If she were my sister,  her face would be red with my slap marks.
Kasai_Inuzuka Kasai_Inuzuka Jul 23, 2016
Omg I just thought of a theory what if she adopted it wolf explain her divergent appearance from her family and why they hate her