Path of Pain - The Shadowmen Chronicles Book 1

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Seán Lynch By SeanLynchie Updated 3 years ago
Drake Eveor is the son of a lord, heir to a massive empire of trading routes and land ownership. He has the perfect life. But a shocking series of events is about to change his life forever.  
    Crime and greed choke the slums of the Islen's cities while the nobles feast and celebrate. Unspeakable creatures rips people to shreds in the wilds while the civilized people cover in their settlements. But the world is changing. Dangerous forces stir in the north, and the disputes between the noble houses have almost reached breaking point. The Kingdom of Islen is about to be engulfed in war, and Drake Eveor's sheltered life is about to be ripped apart.
Every time I read 'Sebastian' I couldn't help but think of the crab from the Little Mermaid. I can't believe he died! You are a very talented writer.  You did a great job displaying the characters emotions. Everything flowed so nicely. Great job, I voted! :D
I hope you don't freak when i say that i am finding a comparison to Game of Thrones here,The books i mean, its just comes across as well planned and extremely detailed, i love the character development so far.
I really love your beginning! You already have me hooked. :) Your writing style fits the setting of story and really enhances it (if that's even possible; it's a pretty amazing story idea just in itself).
Wait a second, the guy in your prologue actually died?  For some reason I expected chapter one to start off with something like "Just kidding".  Haha what a shame.