My Most Important Wish... (NaLu Fanfic) [Ongoing Again!]

My Most Important Wish... (NaLu Fanfic) [Ongoing Again!]

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Aze By HaruSnow Updated Apr 20, 2016

By the time Lisanna came back, the whole Fairy Tail rejoiced, mostly Natsu. He had spent his days with her and stopped taking jobs with Lucy and the others. It was a bit of a change to Lucy, and she stayed on her home to think about it. Finally, Lucy realizes she only wants Natsu to be happy.  Erza and the others noticed the situation and decided to tell her to make her move.

Mirajane and Levy had gone to their library to find the certain book, while Lucy confessed everything to Erza. She then tells her that finding Igneel is Natsu's one goal. The other girls were still worried about Lucy if she can conquer the greatest quest of all, a quest for a special someone.
The book was found, a book about great treasures. Levy presented an article that shows the Magical Tears of the Great Mage. 

The tears are said to grant wishes and bring everlasting happiness to the holder of each tear. But there are only three remaining tears in Fiore; will Lucy be successful on finding it? 

(c) Hiro Mashima the creator of the characters.

.... And I am just also a fan of NaLu! 

I hope you'll like it. 

Aze ♡

smileywilson29 smileywilson29 Sep 23, 2016
I feel u I was just talking to my friends and then when I asked where my secret senpai is they were just like OHHHHHH THE SHIP!!!
Fairynalu1 Fairynalu1 Jan 30, 2016
That is the funniest and scariest thing I have ever thought about!
I_Love_Fairy_Tail_ I_Love_Fairy_Tail_ Mar 22, 2016
😂😂Its Ichiya!!~MEEEENNNN ahahahahhah good one hahhahaha
Adrinette20057 Adrinette20057 Jul 24, 2016
*in real life* -random chick- lets have a sleepover!  -me- ok,my place!           *fairytail*  -ezra- OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW WE ARE HAVING A SLEEPOVER HERE -me- you didn't even ask me.. AND WHY MY PLACE??!!   ( while I was typing this I was laughing XD lol)
LucyBear24 LucyBear24 Nov 01, 2016
Meh I know how you feel. I'm to soft, or like a pushover. Someone that'll hold you back, someone that won't hesitate to help. 😉💕
Haha here Lucy is having a nightmare about ichia and then her friends barge in like "SLUMBER PARTY TIME" XD