It's fate

It's fate

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Tale of two sisters Priya and Khushi and their life journey . set in Indian background. It follows the love stories of Priya and Rahul ,  Vikram and Khushi .

Priya is a typical girl who believes everyone are good around her.For Khushi , there is literally nothing more important to her than her sister. She will do anything for her sister's happiness.

the story of love, hate , revenge and ofcourse drama. more like a typical hindi serial. so , read it if you wish.
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This sounds like a Bollywood movie if he's married to Rani but is in love with Khushi
anyworth anyworth Jun 15, 2016
Is priya a sadist? So cruel...who does that to their sister for such a small thing.
sharmistra sharmistra Nov 24, 2015
I don't like girls to b slapped..i really felt bad for Khushi ..but Priya is concerned for her..may b the way she shows is different..I loved it when Vikram felt sorry n ya superb story..U r d BEST:)
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
Have my vote, you deserve it! Lines were well written. First-rate writing. This was great!
TunesOfHeart TunesOfHeart Oct 05, 2015
Interesting character sketch 
                              But I got confused with remembering who is with whom lol 
                              But will remember them once I read it seems another of your wonderful works
smilie12 smilie12 Sep 22, 2015
there r so many characters to remember, Indian families......