Born to be Voldemort's Daughter[COMPLETE! DO NOT READ]

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One witch  , one wizard became Lord Voldemort. One girl name Avery Joy Dumbledore. Granddaughter of Albus Dumbledore. Three wizards, Voldemort , Harry Potter and Avery Dumbledore. Only two wands and no wand for Avery because the wand not choosed her , choose Harry Potter the boy who lived from Voldemort hands. Voldemort appears and want revenge and wants to kill Dumbledore but some wizards told him about Avery Joy Dumbledore being Dumbledore daughter. If Albus surrender for her granddaughter does it woul be over? Would Voldemort can know if Avery is his daughter?
I love the idea! Sometimes your wording is a bit confusing but it's definitely understandable!! Also, I love how you have 'you' cast as Avery joy. Thats brill haha! Curious where this is headed.
okay this would be good just fix the grammar mistakes like instead of "i appeared at my father office" say, "my father's office" you know there are others but you get my point :)