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What is Love, Alpha?

What is Love, Alpha?

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HoLi By SePtEmBeR_SaPpHiRe13 Updated Dec 31, 2015

- "What's wrong, gatia? You're too pale," he said softly, using one hand to brush my hair from my forehead. I happily basked in his touch, feeling comforted already. 
"I... uh," I trailed off quietly, not really wanting to say. I was suddenly worried of him thinking I was insane. Biting my lip and looking down at the ground, I took a deep breath. "I just... didn't feel c-comfortable. L-like someone was...w-watching me," I stumbled out pathetically, internally wincing.  "Like... h-he was watching m-me," I added almost silently, the words slipping out almost without my permission. 
Almost instantly, his arms wrapped tightly around me as he tugged me into his very bare and warm chest, hunching over my protectively. I felt his chest vibrate as he let out a small growl, but instead of terrifying me like it should, it made me sigh in comfort. 
"You never have to worry about him, sweetheart, I promise." He softly purred, his voice still sounding rough even as he tried to lighten it. I liked the rougher part of his voice; it made me feel even more protected. "As long as I'm around, he'll never hurt you again; and I don't plan on going anywhere or letting you go anytime soon." -
In a world where vampires and werewolves are very much real, Emily is stuck right in the middle. She was barely kindergarten age when she was kidnapped by a strong vampire coven. They stole everything from her and their main leader, Christien, quickly became obsessed with her; his favorite prize. 	
But what's a vampire to do when a powerful alpha werewolf, Anton,  saves his possesion? What's a poor Emily to do when that werewolf turns out to be her mate?
Let's just say that Chrisiten isn't about to give up easily; but neither is Anton.

deaddemon101 deaddemon101 Nov 19, 2016
I hate to ruin everyone's dreams but I am Hispanic myself and been many places and met many people and not once have the said chica in the middle of speaking English
_Adrian_Ivashkov_ _Adrian_Ivashkov_ Jul 14, 2015
Well I mean her parents must have never taught her to not talk to strangers
Redsherbit Redsherbit Jul 11, 2015
The plot seems really well thought out and your writing style is really good - I'm intrigued!
Aridia Aridia Sep 27, 2014
great intro. I've read this book as a silent reader and I'm sure that this description has been i changed and edited.
yellowhand yellowhand Apr 20, 2013
love the intro i have a feeling that this book will be a intruiging read
badass3sista badass3sista Mar 22, 2013
nw  Im starting to love ur  story again upload soon though can't wait to c her reaction wen she reunites with her family solo plzzz upload soon thankxxx