Part Time Santa: A Short Christmas Story

Part Time Santa: A Short Christmas Story

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This is so embarrassing! 20-year-old college student Arthur Van Hansel moans in his head as he walks briskly towards a fancy-looking red chair, specially made for Santa. For Arthur, specifically.

Why is he doing this again?

Because you need the money, his consciousness answers for him.

He scowls at the small voice in his mind even though he himself knows the voice is true. He has to be Santa for one week until Christmas day then he can finally buy his dream car.

Arthur's daydream to get his car is cut short when his 'beard' enters his mouth.

He chokes on his fake beard, gaining attention from passerby. He can't help but curse loudly, making parents glare at him. Arthur couldn't care less about the unhappy parents. Their children are going to learn those words anyway, he thinks.

"Are you alright?" A kind man asks, patting his back.

"No, I'm not," Arthur grumbles, walking away from the man.

Arthur Van Hansel is rarely grumpy. It all happened this morning, when his girlfriend brok...