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Ich bereu nichts mit dir meine schöne Sonnenblume"

"What does that even mean, why can't you just tell me, this is why I afraid of having these babies! I'm so ov-" he grabbed both of my hands in a tight hold slowly interlocking them until there was no more space left.

" LISTEN I said I regret I mean nothing when it comes to you and this child. It takes 2 people to make a baby, and I'm not letting you leave me my beautiful sunflower" His eyes never left mine he smirked making me angry all over again.

"YOU -You are such an arrogant, possessive man Mr. Schulze and -"

"And the father of our unborn child so I except you start calling me right" he slowly tilted her chin upwards for her to stare at his light green eyes. I melted at his touch as slowly left a burning sensation down my neck to my breast. He smirked at my reaction and traveled to my swollen stomach. He finally left that smirked and genuinely smiled . " you can call me Aiden, Honey, lover or future Verlobter." He started to press hits hand against my stomach

" You and your foreign tongue what is Verlobter." I put my hand slowly over his hand and smiled looking down. He chuckled and looked down to my lips

"It means to fiance my beautiful sunflower" I gasped and saw that famous smirk.


Melody Rose Cooper arrived in LA with nothing but hope to get the job of the lifetime, to work for the biggest multinational shipping business to help pay for her father's rent and medical bills. All she had to do is was become personal assistant the owner of Schulze corporation, Aiden Klaus Schulze. But what Melody didn't know is after 2 months of Aiden constant flirting, charm and affection she would end up pregnant with his children.

But now she is pregnant and has to deal with Mr. Aiden Schulze

How will this all go ?Find out in IT IS YOURS SCHULZE
Formally named :
The sexy German Ceo Baby

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AshCash1223 AshCash1223 Oct 12, 2016
Im black... But i like to be introduced to other languages... I know a lil french and spanish but my brother know 8 languages fluently
deniselove018 deniselove018 Jul 30, 2016
Why does it say children in plural? the book title says baby in singular.
spiffy2000 spiffy2000 Oct 03, 2016
Not being rude but writing in third person and then first is confusing
_Teddy_Z _Teddy_Z Sep 30, 2015
Im from Swiss so i can speak geramn Hallo Leute freut mich hahah
VickyHicky VickyHicky Sep 13, 2015
I also wanted to tell you that you can ask for hell anytime you need it, because I'm also from Germany. I'm looking forward to the book ;)
random__thoughts random__thoughts Sep 02, 2015
Lol Latin and mandarin and a lil bit of French. I'm great at Latin, bad at mandarin and okay at french