He Curses | YOONMIN FF

He Curses | YOONMIN FF

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❝I wonder how much you'd curse when we're in bed together.❞

Jimin has tourettes and is a lone ranger. 
Yoongi is curious and friendless

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I don’t have that and yet every single one of my sentences has to have at least 1 sweat word. Otherwise, my friends will question my health
I should start telling people who wants to contact me "Just scream SMUT" instead of giving them my number
i cant relate but ive seen people with tics and kids laugh at them, smh.
my best friend has it. he’s working his way through it uwu
xiaossimon xiaossimon Sep 09
im so glad theres a story about this. im a boy that also has tourettes :')
scaklett scaklett Sep 09
My brother has Tourette’s, but he’s learned to control it so I barely ever hear it