Love Is Like A Flower (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Love Is Like A Flower (Damian Wayne x Reader)

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soft clown girl By soft_clown_ Updated Feb 18

On the surface people could get a pretty good concept about what your life was like. You grew up on the poor, less fortunate side of Gotham, your mom was a private school teacher and your father was a city bus driver. You were accepted into Gotham Academy when your mom pulled a few strings to get you out of the public school. 

Little did they know was that it was even more rough with your involvement in a gang, which has its benefits such as protection for you and your family, as well as a sense of belonging. With a gang's positives it also comes with it's negatives such as, you see many of your friends in the gang die from rival gangs and you could end up with the same fate, and if you ever decide to leave the only friends in life you've ever known would turn on you. 

Against your wishes, while at Gotham Academy you develop friendships with people you thought you would never ever like. So, you kind of live a double life, one in the public eye of the poor girl that somehow got into Gotham Academy and is friends with a few people and the other where you fight, track down and harm other people to try to do more than survive.

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