Sighs and Fire (Phan AU)

Sighs and Fire (Phan AU)

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sophie ann By ughitssophie Updated Oct 26, 2016

In a society where your DNA is recorded and matched with someone else's, you have no choice but to fall for the person you were destined to love.

For Dan Howell, this is something he has waited all his life for. Or, at least, for as long as he turned his life around.

Dan, who is happily paired with Phil Lester, continues to run from his previous life.

But your past is always right behind you.

A/N: This story started off as what was supposed to be a cute, extremely short story, but I enjoyed writing it too much and so continued it, so the first 7 parts will seem plot-less until I edit them :)

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One girl I know bought a lock of her hair for show and tell in elementary (primary) school because she said her mom saved it from her first haircut
wait what if they other person lived outside the u.k.? would the system just force two people together?
thiccdaniel thiccdaniel Oct 26
phil you pure, beautiful, adorable, precious, angelic angel Hahsnd
This sounds exactly like "Matched". I love those books, have you read them?
Yeah but if the shot you then your soul mate will be eternally lonely
my dad's birthdayyyyy (my real, biological, dad, to clarify.)