End Of The Line // Ralph Dibny

End Of The Line // Ralph Dibny

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~Breezzer Writes~ By breezzer_bree Updated Sep 05, 2019

Not All Buses Reach Their Destination, How Do I Know That? I Was On One...

Willow Blakes whole life was normal up to the Particle Accelerator explosion, she did not receive any powers but a far more tragic incident happened, her father disappeared. When the police can't help her, she resorts to her final option, a private investigator. Many years passed without any leads and Willow continued on with life, going to college and making friends... But what happens when she rides a bus she wasn't supposed to be on? And her and 12 other people become Meta-Humans? One of which is her old 'friend' Ralph Dibny.

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//Based On The Flash Season 4//