The Bad Boy's Thorn

The Bad Boy's Thorn

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I felt his hands reach to grab my shoulder, he pulls me back, pushing me against the cold steel locker. Caging me between his bulky arms, I gulp at the sudden proximity between the two of us.

He leans his face towards mine, his lips slightly brush against mine. "Talk to me, not him. Talk about me, not him - can't I have you to myself?" he says intensely, making me gape.

Malia Tate returns back to her old town after two years. She was no longer the cute chubby girl with bright pink braces and large black rimmed glasses. She's back and better than ever.

She coincidentally crosses paths her former best friend Archer Silva who ditched her for popularity - he too has gone through a change.

He was no longer the rather chubby boy with a round face and coconut hairstyle. His appearance changed massively, his hair was now styled into a quiff, enhancing the colour of his tousled brown hair.

Malia has plans for Archer and the rest of her former high-school classmates, she wanted them to realise how it felt to be left out. But things start to change when she meets Vincent Ace.


This is not just any revenge story, it's a journey filled with poisonous backstabbers and hypocritical, petty high-school students.

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Just wanna say I'm expecting some LIIIIITTT geeky references
Try to avoid -ing verbs, trust me it makes for a more effective piece
Friendly Advice to Improve: don't really need the measurements, to say that he was your best friend could've been done in a better way, in fact shown and not told- more effective
Vxltrontae Vxltrontae Apr 08
You know I like him because I feel like boys don't respect their parents
but I used to have a classmate that was 4’2
                              and I have a classmate rn that is 4’6
                              Yes, I did ask..