The Bad Boy's Thorn

The Bad Boy's Thorn

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Malia Tate returns back to her old town after two years. She was no longer the cute chubby girl with bright pink braces and large black-rimmed glasses. She's back and better than ever.

She coincidentally crosses paths with her former best friend Archer Silva who ditched her for popularity - he too has gone through a change. He was no longer the rather chubby boy with a round face and coconut hairstyle. His appearance changed massively, his hair was now styled into a quiff, enhancing the colour of his tousled brown hair.

Malia has plans for Archer and the rest of her former high-school classmates, she wanted them to realise how it felt to be left out. But things start to change when she meets Vincent Ace and his daringly handsome best friend, Zane Carmillo.


This is not just any revenge story, it's a journey filled with poisonous backstabbers and hypocritical, petty high-school students.

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Hey when’s my glow up gonna happen I’m still here with chubby cheeks and a food baby
Wait I’m confused u said he exactly opposite to her house meaning his house is in front of hers and then later when she picks her room how do they have rooms right next to each other 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
That is my mother treating my brother like one min she angry and next she happy I’m like make up ur mind
My mom would of brought lil Tay to beat you up 😂😂😂😂😂😂
But you see I don’t have to time and effort to do that. All I says I should exercise tm but I end up scrapping that and sitting n the couch watching Netflix or a decent movie
diyulous diyulous Jul 07
Yeah no it doesn’t really work like that because it just doesn’t