The Bad Boy's Thorn | NOW ON DREAME

The Bad Boy's Thorn | NOW ON DREAME

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ᴋxᴅᴢ By -kxdz- Completed

highest rank #11 in teen-fiction.

' she's a rose, scattering her thorns in my lungs, preventing me from speaking the words i desire to say to her. '

Malia Tate returns back to her town after a dreadful night at a party two years ago, those memories of the past shattered her soul, replacing it with a dark void and a taste for spiteful revenge. Her morals have changed, her looks have matured, her insecurities have vanished.

She wishes to treat the people who embarrassed her two years ago with a smartly planned revenge, taking them down one by one and showing them how it feels to be embarrassed. But when she meets Vincent Ace, her world seems to turn upside down.

He speaks to anyone but her, most importantly, he wants no one but her. 

- teen fiction story that includes the following: love, betrayal, hope, lies, triangles, hurt, DISCLAIMER! includes eating disorders, mental health problems and most importantly real life situations.

by kxdz

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_elena_salvatore _elena_salvatore Dec 14, 2018
I'm sorry but how much has she changed over 2 years?? Are they really blind or did she get plastic surgery? 😅😅
Geek_Girl2030 Geek_Girl2030 Nov 13, 2018
Do my ears deceive me! He DiD nOt jUsT saY WhAt I tHinK hE JuST sAiD! 🤦🏽‍♀️💀
llamabama llamabama Nov 18, 2018
I see he's trying the whole bad boy act where he annoys her and then is nice and she is supposed to fall for him. Ha. Good luck with that dude
YouPieceofShof YouPieceofShof Dec 01, 2018
                              if you understand that reference I love you
BellMaddie BellMaddie Dec 07, 2018
The moment when you understand because u also have a flat asss
YouPieceofShof YouPieceofShof Dec 01, 2018
Im literally reading this and eating a whole pecan pie by myself