Forced Royal

Forced Royal

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The JesusFreak By SugarCubes4 Completed

Arizona, who's the sweet tomboy, turns eighteen. On her eighteenth birthday, her friend and big brother have her a surprise, but the government takes her away. She finds out she's being forced into royalty, and has to throw away her old life that she cherished so much. (Set in the future)

Thank you to @ML_Brooks for the cover and fan art! 

Watty Award 2014 Winner of the category Beginner's Luck.

I used to have green eyes. I don't even know what colour my eyes are anymore, they change dude THEY CHANGE
So I should call my phone a "Livingrectangle"? It sounds funny... 😂😂😂 know what...I'm lazy and they wouldn't be able to stopme
I'm I the only one that just dozed off during that? I am so confused.
                              WHY MUST YOU DO THIS
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Now I'm thinking of neon green eyes. 
                              My eyes are brown that changes in the light during the day, but at night it's a forest green.