Bitter Love | ✎

Bitter Love | ✎

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#1 in Non-Fiction - Book 3 in THE HEARTBROKEN SERIES ❤︎ 

If you got your heart broken by your best friend, what would you do?

A true story in which a heartbroken girl writes a series of letters in her own personal diary to the only boy she has ever loved, her heartbreaker. Fighting for the strength to relive the memories because this might be the only way for her to finally move on. And maybe, just maybe, she can find a way to love herself more along the way.

This is the story of a girl who loves a boy with all of herself, and he no longer loves her the same. 

An unrequited love.

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#1 in Non-Fiction & #24 in Short Story


This is a COMPLETED story, but the full version is only available on Inkitt! It's slowly being added to Wattpad this December 2020

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All stories can be read as a stand-alone!

1.) Salted Tears 

2.) Tragically Yours 

3.) Bitter Love (this book - based on true events)

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@brokenmikayla - ❝... I love the style of this book and how relatable it is to me and what I've went through in a similar situation. It's so raw and real❞ 

@Vonhi38 - ❝This is heartbreaking, but depicts the feelings just as they are❞ 

@Just_in_life - ❝This is very relatable❞

@arliyaevan - ❝This is soo beautiful I'm crying❞ 

@tandzile15 - ❝I love how your letters are so relatable to most girls I've seen including me❞