KNB Oneshots

KNB Oneshots

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。。。 By Lucapyon Updated Aug 04, 2014

SLOW UPDATE - (Current no. of requests: 4)

Heya~ this is a series of random Kuroko no Basuke one-shots I wrote once I got the ideas. Hope you enjoy them and thank you for your patience~!

Stories & Cover design:©Me/Lucapyon
Characters:©Fujimaki Tadatoshi
Cover Art:©Artist

chrixangez chrixangez Feb 21
How does your teeth not drop at all???If i have 2 packets of sweets,you will have many times more than me....
loveIsa1324 loveIsa1324 Feb 07
So blunt. But...... Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~
                              I want a love life like that *sulks*
loveIsa1324 loveIsa1324 Feb 07
Omg Kawaiiness meter exploded 
                              Kyaaa mu-kkun is so cute~ but no. Not everything is yours. -.-
Im just 5 feet so how much is that???*tries to do the math" alote!
JustJhocie JustJhocie Feb 21
Knowing Kiyoshi will someday form a basketball club fills you with determination
Yah i tell that to my friends all the time or i say sharing is caring so i dnt share cus i dont care!! Haha lolol