Love Sucks

Love Sucks

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For centuries on end, the seven dimensions searched for a new element to guard the last of four vortexes. Seventeen years ago, that search was put to an end…

Cathy Morse wants nothing more than to be a normal seventeen-year-old; have good parents, loyal friends, a decent boyfriend. But instead, she has a deceased father, a heroin-addicted mother, fake friends and no boyfriend in sight. When she’s attacked and bitten one summer night, her whole world turns upside down. What was once a search for the Prophecy of the Dead has turned into a raging battle for the powers Cathy holds within her; powers that control the most powerful vortex in the Earth plane – the vortex she protects. For Cathy is an element, sworn to guard her vortex since the moment she was born.

Along her journey, she finds herself not only falling into a battle, but falling for her vamperic maker, Alex. Alex, however, is a cursed vampire; he cannot love, and wishes not to be loved, but he is swayed otherwise as he delves deeper into Cathy’s life, as she does his. But they aren’t only fighting for their love; they are fighting for their lives, and the vamperic race as the Others – otherwise known as the Damned – plan to snatch the vampire throne and take control of the seven dimensions, as well as take control of the elemental vortexes, killing Cathy and getting revenge on Alex in the process.

Can Cathy lift Alex’s curse so he can love again? And can Alex protect Cathy from being taken by the Others into the dimension of the Damned?