You Want Beef?

You Want Beef?

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Jada is the girlfriend of Mystic, one of the most well respected and feared thugs in Brooklyn. Everyone knows Mystic and knows better then to mess with anyone or anything he cares about. But one night Jada decides to go to a club and one man doesn't seem to know who she or her man is-or care for that matter. During their minor altercation, the man attacks Jada causing an all out street war. Too bad Mystic didn't know he should have left this problem alone.

Trey Mafia is the definition of ignorant. He's obnoxious and known for his violent temper. He usually gets anything he wants, especially women. So he wasn't expecting to get rejected by one in a club one night. His anger gets the best of him and he laid the girl out. Can he handle the repercussions putting his hands on a boss's girl?

Fredo Port is one of the biggest gun pushers in the city. Having fame also brings beef; having beef in the streets, Fredo finds a bodyguard named Dutch who was reffered to by a well known drug dealer named Mystic, to protect his girl, Summer. But Fredo didn't know he would have the world of problems right in his home as soon as he opened his door to his new "worker."

Fresh off probation, Dutch needs to stay out of trouble and get a job-not a nine to five, though. Just something that would still make him money but keep a low profile. So his homeboy and boss tells him about Fredo, a heavy gun trafficker. All Dutch has to do is watch Fredo's fiancée Summer, until his beef in the streets is taken care of. Dutch thought it would be an easy job, but as everyone knows, "summer" is just so hot...

  • abuse
  • beef
  • drama
  • lies
  • murder
  • sexualcontent
  • thugs
  • violence
conceitedB conceitedB Aug 18
Lmao 😂 she so disrespectful she could of walked away but instead she wanna put her hands on people
I see I'm not the only one feeling her and the attitude already.
-LvFlvme -LvFlvme Sep 29
This reminds me of that Jersey Shore episode when Snooki got punched 💀🏃🏾‍♀️
treetree_1 treetree_1 Jun 13
Lmao damn!!! Tell me why this reminded me of that old lady in the beginning of the "Wayans Brothers" lmao 😂😭
Lmao😖😂💀😴😭 this is not funny why am I laughing so hard
Aint nun wrong with dat but every body got tht inner hoé in them