The Fractured Holder [Pokémon/LoZ Crossover]

The Fractured Holder [Pokémon/LoZ Crossover]

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Beneath the Mask By ImberLapis Updated Aug 31

There exists a power that has dwelled in the land of Hyrule for countless millennia. It is the power that helped create the land, one that is coveted by many. Every few thousand years, three people are fortunate, or perhaps unfortunate enough to receive it. And in the current era, the three have been bestowed this power once again.

   A sharp-tongued delinquent who insists on running from his past despite hating that concept, a headstrong heiress who loves myths and legends but doesn't expect to be swept up in one herself, and a desperate king who just wishes for him and his people to be respected. One welcomes their power, one despises it, and one depends on it for their survival.

   But no matter the circumstances of how they came about their power, each of these people has to ask themselves this question: "Are you truly worthy?"

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