The Big 4 Girls meets The Big 4 Boys (in highschool)

The Big 4 Girls meets The Big 4 Boys (in highschool)

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The Big 4 Girls- consists of 4 beautiful and wonderful girls from Disney; Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa. The Big 4 Girls are famous because of their intelligence. Elsa Delle is the smartest in all subject and Poise girl in the group. Rapunzel Rona is smart in Arts and the most sweet girl in the group. Merida DunBroch the most athletic girl in the group she tried every sport; Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis but she mostly spend her time in the Archery field. Anna Delle Yes, Elsa Delle and Anna are sisters, Anna is the most craziest girl the group encouraging them in any event and  activities. They were all happy but it all stopped when 4 boys came into their way

The Big 4 Boys- known by their charm and their love in sports consisting of 2 men from Dreamworks and 2 from Disney; Jack Frost, Hiccup Haddock III, Flynn Rider and Kristoff Bjorgman. Jack Frost, the most mischievous of them all, He walks around the campus with his group and sometimes plays snowballs during winter instead going to Chemistry class. Flynn Rider, The most serious in the group, he always gets blamed to missing things because he once to be the 'ballpen-thief' during his elementary days, but now he mostly gets all the girls and often spend with them  talking and chatting inside the room. Hiccup Haddock III, He is known for his geeky and adorky skills, mostly shows himself inside the library wearing his glasses and a book always in his hands but he is a BADASS BOOKWORM as what they say. Kristoff Bjorgman, the athlete, loves to play any sports and loves to join outdoor activities of the school, He always spend time eating his lunch on the field.

What will happen if the Big 4 Girls meets The Big 4 Boys?
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