7 Bad Boys and Me.

7 Bad Boys and Me.

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My life was once a thing of beauty. I wasn't anything different from your next boy-obsessed teenage girl with a strange fondness of peanut butter and jam sandwiches. But that was then, before my parents were ruthlessly killed by a heartless murderer. As an orphan I moved in with another family and whilst there were guys who definitely placed on the more attractive end of the scale, it wasn't quite home. I am 17 year old, Jaymiee Marie and this is the not-so-normal tale of what happened when I got stuck with 7 Bad Boys and Me. 


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Her parents just died... she thought she had to live in the orphanage for years (even tho she 17) ... and a lady RANDOMLY comes through that door asking to adopt her? ... wat??
KaiAsyaAlexis KaiAsyaAlexis Sep 15, 2017
I thought she said her name was california i was like MOTHER CALI😂😅
foxanna1 foxanna1 Feb 01
WHAT?? I’ve read lots of those books I just know who the original author was! So thanks for clearing that up...
CherryPie232005 CherryPie232005 Nov 28, 2017
Omfg its my first time reading this and im just at the 1st chapter but i think its been long AND ITS SOO EXCITING
- - Nov 20, 2017
Is this place some kind of magic ?? The way she talk and there is no other kids here
MichelleWright868 MichelleWright868 Sep 27, 2017
I'll be like keep rolling ur eyes maybe you'll find a brain back there