Alpha Mate?

Alpha Mate?

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Maddi By UnForgivable15 Completed

Mel was perfect in Jo’s eyes. She had perfect curly brown hair he wanted to run his fingers through. Her perfect green eyes and brilliant white smile that could light up any room captivated him. Any time he would dare to hug her, her perfect petite curvy body fit into his perfectly.  As he sat across from her and his sister, her eyes finally caught his stare. Perfect chills went down his spine as she smirked, amusement shining in her eyes. She was untouchable. She was something he could never have. She, Mellissa Rose Young was his little sister’s best friend. He catches her looking at him….GOD…completely and utterly unattainable.

Mel let out a longing sigh. She tried to act normal, she really did. Never the less it was becoming harder and harder to pretend that she wasn’t jealous when Jo’s girlfriend was brought up, that she didn’t want to find a dagger and plunge it into her heart every time she saw them kiss, and that she wasn’t completely and uncontrollably in love with him. Maybe it was his soft dark hair, or his perfect face, or his strong arms and chest, or maybe it was how nice he treated her. She guesses she always had loved him, even though she didn’t realize it until last year. 

Jo agrees to go to a party to protect his sister. he is alpha, its the right thing to do. what he didnt know is that he was actually going to be protecting her best friend, mel. nor did he think this young human girl would be his mate.

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northfacegrl95 northfacegrl95 Aug 01, 2014
Did Stephanie really have no comment about her disheveled best friend being carried by her brother?
lovemonkey2000 lovemonkey2000 Jul 06, 2014
I loved it but the only thing that bothered me was that you used perfect like 10 times in the chapter other than that it was amazing
UnForgivable15 UnForgivable15 Jun 21, 2012
@ii4oo49 @WriterWriter217  thank you! It makes me extremely happy to know that people enjoy my story as much as I enjoy writing it :)
Harlum_X Harlum_X Jun 21, 2012
i love the flashback! and explains things a lot better! I love werewolf stories! and this one has caught my attention!  and i love your cast btw!
LovelySeductiveFox LovelySeductiveFox Jun 21, 2012
I agree with, @Silent_hill This is really good. I like it :) Voted and added to my Library :)
PeaceLoveJessi PeaceLoveJessi Jun 20, 2012
This was a great beginning. The flow was nicely done, and it was well written. There were a few spelling mistakes, ones that are easily over looked. Other then that, well done. Now off to the next chapter!