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Raped, Murdered, and In Love

Raped, Murdered, and In Love

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Rayna By xblackxxacidxxrainx Completed

(Authors Note: I believe i have finished this story. I am not sure though. I still have to edit this story.)
Kira Dash was a normal 15 year old teenage girl,
but it all changed when her "friend" died in a tragic
house fire. Even though her "friend'; Rayna Valhalla, was
a popular cheer leader, her and Rayna were still "best
friends". Kira has always been a shy, quite, and more
of a shadow girl, but Rayna was able to get her to
go to parties and have fun. Kira was known as a
popular emo/scene girl, but after Rayna's death Kira stopped
hanging out with the popular kids. A couple months later, Kira
couldn't take anymore of losing the
things that she cared about the most about.
She asks her 'step dad' John, if they could
move, but he said no. But that she could go
stay with a old friend of his. Kira was happy
about being able to start new, but was also
sad because she would miss John. Two months
later, she was on her way to the Striker's
house. While Kira is at the Striker's house she finds
friends, enemies, love, pain, and danger.
What's going to happen to Kira while
staying with Striker's? Will she
fall in love with someone? Will all the
things she's been through come back to
haunt her? Will the guy she likes trick
her into thinking he loves her? Will every
thing turn out to be a trick? Will she die 
while away from her dad? What will

xblackxxacidxxrainx xblackxxacidxxrainx Oct 06, 2014
@xoxoforeverlove I was one and so was my friends and my best friend. it was just natural to write about them at the time. sorry...
RoleplayerBoy RoleplayerBoy Aug 03, 2014
                              It's okay really! I find it very funny XD I am already starting to think of you as my friend from some odd reason! Sorry if that creeps U out :P
xblackxxacidxxrainx xblackxxacidxxrainx Aug 03, 2014
@darkdreamer208 I kinda based her personality on me. granted it's all fictional. I used me as a outline for her. hair and eye color are the same too. I just can't change my eye color. but I swear I'm not stalking. sorry if I'm creeping you out lol.
xblackxxacidxxrainx xblackxxacidxxrainx Aug 03, 2014
@darkdreamer208 whoa....I swear I didn't know!!! lol sorry I actually might redo this book alot. change the characters and some chapters so yeah lol
xblackxxacidxxrainx xblackxxacidxxrainx Aug 03, 2014
@darkdreamer208 nice :) lol it was a name I found that wasn't used often so I liked it
RoleplayerBoy RoleplayerBoy Aug 03, 2014
My names kira I can also change my eye colour depending on my mood and I have blue eyes and blond hair ..... Creepy