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Master and Pet- Homestuck lemons

Master and Pet- Homestuck lemons

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Angel By terminallyArisen Updated Aug 03, 2016

Picture is not mine
All of these are lemons and will turn out to be lemons. If you would like to request a character, you may. It can be anyone.

glitterypinkblood glitterypinkblood Nov 15, 2015
Just gonna say I'm sorry if I vote on them all I've gotten into the habit of voting without noticing.
Sufin-Shipper Sufin-Shipper Oct 17, 2015
What's with the metal ball L(0-0L) but I really love the fanfic doe
OopsIDrowned OopsIDrowned May 05, 2014
@Tenshi1416 Nah, I don't so yeah! Go ahead and combine them n' shit! :3
terminallyArisen terminallyArisen May 05, 2014
@xXxInsaneKittyxXx For Karkat (since this is the third request for him) I'm going to combine your and Turtwink's requests. Unless you have a specific headcanon or kink for him, then I'll give just you credit for the story.
terminallyArisen terminallyArisen Apr 25, 2014
@blue_heart777 I'm already doing two Karkat ones so I'll do both Jake and Dirk separately so I could screw with my friends too. XD
blue_heart777 blue_heart777 Apr 25, 2014
Um... Karkat or Jake or Dirk XD which ever you can do please and thank you *-*